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Drafting of Econtracts, Eagreements, Enotices

Digital signatures and their acceptance by the law has made the tedious paper contracts now digital. The electronic documents require righteousness due to digital signature infrastructure and the acceptance & validity in major countries.

E-contracts, E-agreements and E-notices are created, specified, executed and deployed by a software. It is very similar to the traditional contracts accept it is not paper based, it is electronic which raises some new and interesting technical and legal challenges.

MYDPO Consultancy helps its clients in drafting of E-contracts, E-agreements and E-notices, terms of usage, disclaimers, Escrow agreements, STPI agreements, consultancy agreements, software services agreements, domain name transfer agreements, trademark and copyright license agreements, confidentiality agreements, technology transfer and franchising agreements.

MYDPO Consultancy also helps in future course of law in case of dispute arising out of e-contracts via arbitration or by litigation. 

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