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Audit my Organization and create a Plan of Action

MYDPO Consultancy is a consulting company specialized in personal data protection whose purpose is to assist companies of all sizes in bringing their data processing into compliance (ISO 27001, PCI DSS, GDPR and all privacy Laws) with regulations. 

Our Modus Operandi:    

Step 1: 

  • Access your level of Compliance
  • Identify and analyze gap
  • Mapping the Operations in process
  • Analysing you processes
  • Establishing a Plan of Action for Compliance

Step 2:

  • Huddle up with the teams around the Program
  • Discovering the Roles and Responsibilities
  • Evaluate the efforts and the cost of the program
  • Validation of Budget with the decision-makers
  • Form your project team

Step 3:

  • Attain Compliance
  • Assign a DPO
  • Implement the Plan of Action
  • Improvise Processes

Step 4:

  • Sustain compliance over time
  • Guaranteeing successful transition of the project to GoLive
  • Regular Audits
  • Documentation and Certify new projects
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