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About Us

About Us

MYDPO Consultancy, a consulting firm specializing in the protection of personal data, Legal services, data privacy, data protection solution and assists you in the organizational and operational compliance of your institution. MYDPO Consultancy is a totally independent firm that shares the entrepreneurial spirit of its clients.
Experts in Cyber Law, Data Privacy and Technology field, we are versatile and we adapt quickly to all types of organizations. We are a team of top Cyber Advocates, Data Privacy professionals, Technology professionals, and Cyber Security Professionals.

We are certified data privacy and law experts and practice as well as litigate in the areas of Data protection solutions, GDPR and world wide Privacy Solutions, cyber security, cyber crimes, IPR (Trademark & Copyright registration and cases), Financial & crimes (Online Banking frauds, credit card frauds, email fraud, matrimonial frauds, Privacy law, Digital Wallet issues, Electronic evidence issues, (Companies Data theft, Source code theft, Hacking, DDoS, Malware, Ransom ware, Virus, Pornography laws, social media abuse, online defamation, child pornography laws, Cyber stalking, revenge porn, Ecommerce laws). We provide law and technology expert opinion on various matters where ever technology and law intersect. We practice in different courts across the country as expert legal counsels. We take matters pertaining to Expert Arguments, Bails, Cross Examinations, Appeals, Drafting & vetting of petitions involving technology, electronic evidence.

The most important for us it ensures GDPR and Indian Privacy Law “THE PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION BILL” compliance for your organization leveraging the simplicity and power of MYDPO. We aim to make the success of your compliance a competitive advantage benefiting from our experience. Indeed, we believe that the protection of the personal data of your employees, prospects, customers, managed customers must be an integral part of your structure, regardless of your size or your sector of activity. Therefore, we created MYDPO to become a real DPO Officer.

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