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Personal Data Protection Consultant

MYDPO Consultancy, a consulting firm specializing in the protection of personal data, Legal services, data privacy, data protection solution and assists you in the organizational and operational compliance of your institution. MYDPO Consultancy is a totally independent firm that shares the entrepreneurial spirit of its clients.
Experts in Cyber Law, Data Privacy and Technology field, we are versatile and we adapt quickly to all types of organizations. We are a team of top Cyber Advocates, Data Privacy professionals, Technology professionals, and Cyber Security Professionals.

What is a DPO?

A Data Protection Officer (DPO) is the individual in charge of guaranteeing the security of individual information handled by an organization. Accordingly, he/she should guarantee that every close to home datum under the organization’s obligation is utilized sufficiently and as per relevant guidelines.
The job of the Data Protection Officer has been officially characterized by the European Union with regards to the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. Under this law and not at all like the CIL, it is presently obligatory in the accompanying cases.
On the off chance that your association is an open specialist or body.
On the off chance that the central action of your association requires standard and precise checking of information subjects on an enormous scale.
On the off chance that the central action of your association requires the preparing of delicate information, (for example, wellbeing information, information on offenses, philosophical, religious or political sentiments, racial or ethnic starting point) on an enormous scale.


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